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Friday, October 19, 2012

Road Trip Day 4 & 5

Day 4 Nova Scotia - New Brunswick - Quebec

J wouldn't let me stop to take pictures because the drive from Halifax to Quebec was 12 hours along. So I snapped a few from the window during the few moments it wasn't pouring.

The drive was long but J and I are really good at car concerts and sang most of the way. We only fought once because I really wanted to take a picture at this gorgeous spot and he didn't want to stop. I pouted for about a half hour and than the concert went on. Good thing Willow still enjoys our singing otherwise she may have pulled all of her hair out :p.

We were stoked when we finally arrived in Quebec. Anne's parents live right by the Basilica of Sainte Anne De Beaupre so this beauty was a fabulous greeting.

People flock to the Basilica to be cured of their ailments. It is said to be a place of miracles.
After one long ass day, we were happy to visit with Anne for a bit and head right to bed. We knew we had a full day of apple selling & picking the next day :
Day 5 Halifax
Anne-Claude's parents house is absolutely gorgeous. It's a 200 year old home that is full of character with the St. Lawrence River as it's neighbor. They have hectare upon hectare of land with a pool, apple orchard and mountains. It's a dream really

How could you not buy apples from these two?
Good Apple

Noah loving a freshly picked apple. Without wasps!

Checking out the orchard

There were 100's of apple on each tree so we took lots of breaks. I think all together we ended up filling 18 bags.

I think Anne's dad was pleased with our "hard work". I really enjoyed myself picking apples all afternoon. Good company, good apples, and good scenery. Now I want an apple orchard....

After our fun filled day Willow & I slipped into our matching skinny jeans and were ready for a night on the town in Quebec city.
 I will post our photo's of our night in the next post. I don't want to overwhelm you with too many pictures!


  1. Oh, wow, those trees are just AMAZING! :)

  2. The apple with the wasps! Scary!

    Love the matching skinnies, so cute!


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