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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Warren Lake

I was chilling out at this lake the day before I gave birth to little Willow!

 And  2 weeks after!

Warren Lake was one of our hang outs this summer. The water gets nice and warm and the scenery is gorgeous. But in the fall it becomes a Canadian paradise! Definitely our favorite place to take a book and a coffee and relax. I am trying to relax as much as possible before the big move. Tomorrow the packers come in and than the movers come Friday. Pretty sweet that we don't have to pack a thing except for clothes and necessities to get us by until our stuff arrives at the new house. Takes a lot of stress off! The only thing I am dreading is flying with two dogs, a cat, and a babe. Well I am not really to concerned with Willow, if she is in my lap cuddled in and fed she is golden. I am just thinking of that darn cat,Timbit. We have a 5 hour drive and then a 7-8 hour travel day by plane. I am not sure how in the world he is going to use the bathroom. Oooh and they are going to be traumatized from being underneath the plane, poor things.

 I am also thinking about how much I am going to miss it here in Cape Breton. It's almost like the island is trying to pull me in by showing me the greatest summer and fall ever. I am happy we got out and did some many hikes and hung out at so many beautiful beaches, we really made good use of our time here.

Willow is a Warren Lake regular and she still lights up when I tell her we are going there.

can you even handle those chins? aah what a cute little chubber

It's a dogs paradise too!

Willow finds it very relaxing


  1. What a gorgeous place!! You're so lucky to be able to relax in such a beautiful place.

  2. wow what a gorgeous lake!! i love the dogs and of course your little chubster she is beautiful

  3. Hi Jenna, and Willow and Jon!
    I LOVE your pics, the fall colors are spectacular and so beautiful! What scenery there!
    I wish you were here to help me, I need to figure out how to add photos to my blog, they,re all waiting for some, ya'know?!
    We have parked the Bus for the night very near Madison, Wisconsin, just off the I-90/I-94, and it's really warm out!
    Can't wait till you are settled in Manitoba again, come and visit us when we"re back home in December!
    Heidi's folks....RollingAlong and Busdriver
    Aka Marianne and Ron

  4. The place (esp the trees) looks amazing! I would love to be there too, it looks so relaxing to be at :))

  5. oh my goodness, a perfectly magical place to hang out with your babe. and no, i can't even handle those chins...dying!!!

  6. Wow! What amazing fall pictures! Looks just like a postcard! Your little Willow is absolutely adorable!


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