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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Road Trip Day 3

Halifax Day 3

After going to three Starbucks I finally found one that wasn't sold out of pumpkin spice lattes!! I was getting very very nervous that I was not going to get to finally have my favorite fall treat. Remember living up in the middle of nowhere doesn't give you a fair chance to indulge in the finer things in life as such. :p When I finally got to breath in the scent of fall I nearly peed with excitement. So you can imagine how the first sip was... ahhhh Yep, I am pretty easy to please.

I got to go on my once a year shopping trip in an actual mall with more than 15 stores!!! That was pretty exciting too!! J, Willow, and I got some pretty nice attire for winter. We then went to visit more family members on J's side :)

Willow loves her new puppy puppets

Willow and her Great Auntie Marm

Joel & Jo-Anne. Joel has the baby touch! Willow loved all of the attention he gave her... so adorable

After an afternoon of visits we went back to Uncle John and Aunt Rosie's to eat and relax. As always they were too good to us. It was awesome to see Hannah as well.


  1. ha! i love how hard you worked for the pumpkin spice latte! never give up when coffee is on the line :)

  2. Thanks love! Ohhhh I can't believe how big she is getting! I love when your posts pop up in my feed! What a sweet baby girl- you must just be over the moon! XO

  3. Willow is such a cutie!!!

  4. Your daughter looks so happy in the first photo! Such a cutie :)

    Btw i've just followed your blog, let's follow each other? Hee. I love reading your posts!


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