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Monday, October 1, 2012

Time Lapse

On our way to the farmers market we rode the ferry with some sawwweeet rides. I am totally not into cars but was pretty pumped to see these beauties in action.

We passed about 10 of them on the way up and it felt like we were in a time lapse. So amazing. I was even more excited when a whole bunch of them were parked right by the market so I could get right up close and personal. I tried to imagine life back 100 years ago and how unbelievably different it would be. It really provoked my imagination and I stood there just gawking at these old beauties. Oh the things they have seen.

After I snapped out of dream land we headed to the farmers market to buy some baked goods. We filled our bags with tonnes of fabulous finds. A new fave of mine is lavender fudge, it is to die for! Willow of course was in her glory hamming it up and showing off her funny faces and her sweet smiles to all of the market folk.

Willow had a delish lunch of warm milk....

While we listened to some tunes...

J & I shared some delicious Indian food with some crab apple pie for dessert... soooo scrumptious

After all of this goodness we decided to digest down by the waterfront. It was very relaxing and peaceful.

 After we relaxed we thought we better burn off a few of the thousands of calories we consumed at the market and took a hike up to a gorgeous waterfall. The trail was GORRRGGEOUS! Still so many brilliant greens with a couple of red maple leafs hidden in there. I will save that post for tomorrow!

Goodnight friends xo


  1. oh my gosh how cute is willow in her little stripey skirt and leggings??!! i love the way J always burps her, and good burping technique it is too, the lap sit...i like it! her little expressions are to die for. and you look radiant by the waterfront. what a fun day and i can't wait to see the maples. that's a tree we don't really have around these parts.

  2. That last picture is GORGEOUS! And seriously, can Willow's cheeks get anymore delicious?!

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast!!

  4. those old cars are so cool!
    anddd I love the picture at the top of your blog...your golden is smiling!!

  5. Sounds like the perfect day!!! You guys are so cute :)

  6. how fun! just found your blog and love it :) xox


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