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Monday, October 22, 2012

Road Trip Day 7 & 8

Road Trip Day 7 Quebec - New Brunswick - Nova Scotia

We said our see yah laters to Anne-Claude and Noah. It still hadn't clicked in that we are moving away and won't get to see them whenever we please. So I didn't get all sappy and emotional like I usually do. I know we will keep in touch with Anne, Michee, & Noah, they have definitely become great friends.  I am looking forward to Noah and Willow meeting up again when they are older.

Ugh So Gorgeous
Drive by photo of an amazing waterfall

After driving for only about a half hour we saw a sign for a hike & waterfall... our two favorite things! We obviously had to make a pit stop and were happy we did.

Willow really loved all of the red leaves :p

After that beautiful little hike we got back in the car and drove through  New Brunswick and stopped for the night in Amherst, Nova Scotia.
My sleepy babes, how sweet are these two?

Day 8 Nova Scotia - Cape Breton

The final day we were all exhausted and tired of being in the car. We were excited to pick up the doggies from their "doggie resort". They shared a heated chalet on four acres of land. There was 12 other dogs staying at the resort so they made a lot of new friends over the week and had just as much fun as we did, I'm sure.
my cute little road tripper

And that's it, that's all. We had a phenomenal vacay and hope to visit Quebec again!


  1. ahhhh-mazing snapshots you captured of that beautiful landscaping!!! Those leaves are gorg and I can hear them crunching just by looking at em!

    Nothing tops your sweet babies though... love the picture of the both of em sleeping!!

    xo, Bev


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