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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Extended Fall

We are pretty lucky that we have had an extended fall. All of our seasons in Nova Scotia are behind the rest of Canada's. So when we left for Quebec everything was still very green here, while New Brunswick and Quebec were at their absolute peak. Driving back to Nova Scotia the colours were slowly starting to peak and then when we hit Cape Breton it was still pretty green. Well right now we are at our peak! I honestly can tell you I have never seen such beautiful scenery as I have this fall in Cape Breton. The mountains all look like a fierce roaring fire has taken ablaze. The reds, oranges, yellows, & bright greens excite me beyond belief. I highly recommend each and everyone of you to take a trip to Cape Breton Island this time of year. I have been trying my best to capture the beauty to share with you all but my pictures just don't do it justice.

 We did The Cabot Trail the other day for my 22nd time :p and I ended up giving up trying to capture the beauty. You must enjoy their beauty with the naked eye to really enjoy the landscape.

A quick little feed on the dock

This babe has been burped by her dad all over the island lol

On the way back home we came across a cow and a calf on the side of the road. The cow went to go walk back into the woods but the calf panicked and started running right in the middle of the road. The cow ran onto the road to run beside her babe so J put on his hazards and honked the horn for a couple of minutes to get them off. The momma wouldn't leave her babes side, it was too sweet. We didn't leave until they were well into the woods as we didn't want a car to come up and hit them. It isn't the smartest to travel at night for this reason but we are always very cautious and drive well below the speed limit and our eyes peeled to the road :)

 I didn't take the greatest shots as I was enjoying the cuteness


  1. Ahh, I wish we had that kind of scenery here! We go from green(ish) to brown. Plus, it's still 85 degrees, so we aren't even experiencing fall this far south!

  2. Gorgeous photos! And that's definitely not what I call a cow! :) How cool to see that on the side of the road. Our cows are more of the boring dairy kind.

  3. Your pictures always inspire me...Canada is just so beautiful!!

  4. The colors in these photos are incredible. looks like such a relaxing time!


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