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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Road Trip Day 6

Road Trip Day 6 Quebec

I spent the morning lazing around with the babies while Anne sold apples, and J braved the grocery store as an anglophone in a francophone community.

So I guess Willow is big for her age haha 6 months apart

We spent the afternoon at Mont Sainte Anne. I obviously had to pick up some poutine the real stuff with cheese curds, it did not disappoint!

Poutine a delicious Canadian delicacy ;)
Noah and Willow tied for being the cutest babes around
The leaves make me so unbelievably giddy. I get soooo excited from these colours
After stuffing our faces with the good stuff, a hike was definitely needed. Just across the road there was a beautiful hike that led to a stunning waterfall.

If you look at the left hand corner there is a little brown spot..

A beaver! I snuck as close as I could without disturbing him.

After such a beauty of a day we went back to drink beer and sell apples...
What a jokester.


  1. i finally just caught up on your road trip fun! i am mortified by how little i know about canadian geography, had to wikipedia these places to glimpse the map and see where you guys were...what a dummy! anyway this countryside is so insanely GORGEOUS!!! what a perfect fall trip. the apple orchard and your friend's parents house and land: to die for. i'm with you, i'd like acreage, a pumpkin patch and an orchard, yes please. i love the babes hanging out together and yours and willow's matching skinny jeans, and QUEBEC!!! i am calling my hubby in here right now to check out that gorgeous city. someday i hope to see these places in real life. thank you for these posts and sharing your adventures, it's such a treat to take a peek!

  2. Wow these photos are beautiful.. The waterfall looks really tall & big! Seemed like all of u had a great time :)

  3. Your pictures are incredible! They let me know just why I really love Fall!

    I love poutine! I need to have it soon now :)


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