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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Road Trip Day 1 & 2

My little family went on a little adventure to Quebec to go and help our friend Anne with her parents apple orchard. We were pretty pumped to fit in a visit to Halifax with J's side of the family en route. It was a perfect chance for me to visit the Valley which I have heard so much about. Unfortunately it was pissing rain but nonetheless it was gorgeous!

Here is the beginning of our trip...

Shortly after I snapped this shot baby Willow needed a little snack to tie her over. So we parked beside the beautiful St. Mary's River in Sherbrooke. As soon as we pulled over a man pulled up and asked if we were going to go kayaking. We said no we just made a pit stop to feed the babe and then he started telling us his life story. He was a retired teacher, his wife and him owned 40 acres of land in Sherbrooke, his son and daughter-in-law were coming up next week for a kayak trip but he was nervous because she is 3 months pregnant and the story went on. After he finished up with his stories he apologized and offered us to use his house which was right behind the river so we could feed and change our babe. We didn't take him up on it simply because we wanted to be in Halifax before dark.

I don't know what it is but Canadian East Coasters are definitely the friendliest people I have ever met in my life. The are so genuine and kind! Canadians are know for their friendliness but the Eastern folk are over the top.

Day 1: Drive to Halifax
haha I didn't have time to snap a better shot but Grams this is for you! I missed the Harbour
Aunt Rosie snatched Willow right up

Day 2: We drove to the valley and then went down to Lunenberg and Mahone Bay. It was pouring rain so we didn't do much walking around. But I would love to venture back on a bright sunny day.

J had Scot Skins on his mind. He went to University at Acadia in Wolfville for 2 years and ever since I have know him he has been talking about these Scot Skins he used to eat at Joes. So we ordered a plate and I get the hype. They were potato skins with some kind of curry on them. Sooo goood. I obviously had to order poutine as well and the poutine didn't even compare to the Scot Skins.

I have decided I want land and I want a pumpkin patch...

 And then I can make friends like these guys...

Mahone Bay is absolutely gorgeous. We didn't spend much time there because of a relay which filled the streets and it was so wet. Rather than taking some scenic shots out of the car I took a couple pictures of the creepy stuffed figures spread around the town for Halloween. They were seriously EVERYWHERE. So weird and creepy.. I liked it.

 J was pretty pumped to see a ship from Whale Wars at the Lunenburg harbour.

The Blue Nose II was launched that day so we were pretty happy we got to see her in the water.
 The Main Street of Lunenburg

Hannah (J's cousin) & J were desperate to find the Lunenburg Tim Hortons and we ended up driving around for about a half hour. We kept coming back to this old school from the early 1800's which is still being used as an Elementary School. I got to read up about this beauty while they were desperately gps'ing.

The Lunenburg Academy built in 1894

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