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Sunday, April 1, 2012

24 Weeks

Size: Baby is the length of an ear of corn & has gained a 1/4 pound since last week.

Symptoms: Still have nose bleeds and a stuffy nose pretty much every morning.
My face keeps acquiring more and more spider veins. Eeek I hope they go away. Other than that I am feeling great. I don't even feel pregnant however I am looking very very pregnant!

Movement: Baby is getting bigger and stronger. Feeling more kicks every day. I don't like it when baby likes to dance on my cervix, it seems that's the babes favourite spot to torture momma :p. It doesn't hurt it's just a little uncomfortable.

Stretch Marks: Not yet!

Cravings: I am starting to think this cravings thing is a myth. I don't have any whacky cravings.Still loving my fruit and chocolate.

Mood: Easily excitable! I am in good spirits everyday

I love being pregnant. I am having the easiest pregnancy so far. The beginning was not fun and scary most times but that has passed and am feeling awesome. I still find lots of humour in my body continuously changing shape, so is J. I am so looking forward to meeting this little person outside the womb. J & I were talking about how much of a show boat this little one will be as when we were younger we both loved being the center of attention.


  1. How totally exciting for you! My sister never complained about her pregnancies either. I hope if I have kids, it's just as easy for me. ;)

  2. You are totally precious!! And just glowing!! SO glad it has been easy!

  3. I love that you are loving your pregnancy! You look incredible! Pregnancy suits you! :)

  4. Glad to hear everything is going well! I had no complaints until about 2 weeks ago when sleeping started to become an issue, but enough pillows and I've been OK. You look great and I love reading your updates! Take care!

  5. You look great. Are you waiting to delivery to find out the sex?? How exciting!!! I dont have the patience when I see all the gender specific clothing. I want to know exactly what to buy :)

  6. How exciting! :) I second the above commenter-- do you know the gender yet or are you waiting?! Glad to hear everything is easy and going well :)

  7. So exciting! You look great!!! Can't wait to know what the gender is if you're going to tell us! Or if you are even going to find out. xoxo A-

  8. Ugh, fortunately I never got nose bleeds while pregnant. That's no fun. I was in great spirits everyday too though. It was awesome. Looking good girl. Getting closer and closer!

  9. You look so cute! Love your maxi dress :) I've enjoyed being pregnant, too! It's a wonderful thing, but at 39+ weeks, I'm definitely ready!


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