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Friday, April 20, 2012

27 Weeks

Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls... I am HUGE! I feel like Homer Simpson most days

Size: Baby is the size of a head of caulifower, weighing in at almost 2lbs. About 14 1/2 inches long.

Weight: I gained  8lbs since my last appointment! I knew it was going to be close to 10 lbs because I feel like I have gotten massive. Well I have. My total weight gain to date is 19lbs.

Symptoms: Sore back, stuffy nose, vivid dreams, itchy belly. My boobs are getting sore again and omg so veiny and huge. I wouldn't mind if my nipples stopped growing too, that would be sweet.  My hair has grown like mad these past few months, I likey. Still have a tonne of energy, love my kitchen dance parties and daily walks with my doggies.

Movement: This babe is getting so strong! The movements definitely don't go unnoticed anymore.

Maternity Clothes: Finding clothes that fit is getting hard. My gf just borrowed me 3 pairs of maternity pants that fit so nicely. Can't wait to wear summer dresses everyday. Also now that it's getting nicer I can wear sandals and flats. This means no bending down to try and tie up laces. Score!

Sleep: Major backaches, I toss and turn quite a bit too. I am starting to have to get up to pee in the middle of the night. Can't believe I made it this long. As much as I am pumped to have this babe, I am enjoying every bit of rest I can get now. I can nap whenever I want, go to sleep whenever I want, I have freedom. Totally soaking every bit of it up.

I obviously love talking everything baby lately. I love going to the "big city" and have people ask me how far along I am. I love people rubbing my belly (even strangers). I love being pregnant :D


  1. I lived in dresses and flip flops when I was pregnant. It was so easy ad comfortable. I never even bought maternity clothes, except a pair of jeans that I still wear every single day, just dresses in larger sizes. I found it's much cheaper than the pricey pregnancy stores!

  2. You look great! Love to hear that you like random belly rubs! Some of my friends are very anti ANYONE even their parents? I find that part strange. LOVE IT! xoxo


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