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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sprocket, Catherines dog

Cat, taking it all in
They are always finding disgusting hidden treasures in the seaweed

I am so so so soooo ready for summer. Yesterday we got a little taste of some beautiful sunshine and it has me aching for more.

Speaking of summer, a lot of you have been asking me where we are going to be having this baby. The thing is.. we don't know just yet. It all depends how J's housing meeting goes on Monday. If all is a go I will be moving back with J to Manitoba very shortly. I am not supposed to travel in my eighth month and I am already six months. If there is no housing available for us I will be staying out here and J will move back here end of June with me and be off for his 9 month paternity. We then will have more time to wait patiently for houses to pop up in Manitoba.I guess I should explain to those of you who don't know our situation. J got a transfer back to my home province. He accepted the position because out here he was only working 9 months and a full time position popped up in Riding. He started working there in January. I was planning on moving to MB as soon as we found a place to live out there but nothing has come up. We only want to rent as it's a very slow market in Cape Breton and our house hasn't sold here. Two mortgages would not be fun. So the wait continues.

People from back home are always asking me how I manage to live out here by myself. Well, read the title of my blog haha jj. It really isn't so bad, I love this place. Yes, I am pregnant and getting bigger by the second, but I can still  do everything I did pre-pregnancy. If I get tired from being on my feet for to long I have a nap. Simple as that. J leaves for only two weeks at a time and then comes back for two weeks. The first week he leaves is wonderful. I have the whole house to myself, I do as I please. I get the whole bed to myself & I don't feel bad for sleeping in. When the second week quickly rolls around I start to miss J a lot. But then I just hang out with friends, spend more time at the beach and read more books and than he is back! J & I are so pathetic we even watch tv on the phone together.

So don't feel bad for me, it's J that has to do all of the traveling, work, and running around. Sure I live in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, but I have a great support system out here which helps keep me sane. Obviously, I would love to live with my husband full time, but right now that's just not in the cards. We will be one big happy family spending every minute together really soon :) Life is gooooood

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