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Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Felt Up At A Sushi Restaurant

Yesterday, J & I went to eat at our my favourite place in the whole wide world right now!!! Sushi has been my number one craving besides fruit and chocolate. I guess living so far away from restaurants makes it that much more special when I do get to devour my fave food.

When we walked in the server told us there would be a bit of a wait as they needed to prepare more rice and her hubby had to go pick up the kids. That was no problem for us as we have all the time in the world. So J & I had just received our app when a little girl from two tables over came up to us. She was totally fixated on something on my shirt (or so I thought) she then proceeds to start rubbing my boobs. LoL soooo random. So I am looking at the server waiting for her to say something as I thought it was her kid and she says "uhhhm (name of kid) don't think you should ask her her name first?" hahah I was looking for a little more like stop doing that! So I said ok that's enough please stop, while killing myself laughing at the situation. Her aunties finally noticed what she was doing after a few minutes of vigorous boob rubbing and called her over. They asked her what she was doing and she replied "Rubbing Jennas boobs". Omg I could have died. I kept on saying to J did that seriously just happen??! So we finally get our food and this boob obsessed 6 year old comes back to the table for another rub. Than she notices my belly and starts asking me about it. How does the baby eat? Is the baby eating now? You could have a boy in there? I thought that part was pretty cute but than she lifts up my shirt in the restaurant. So I quickly put it down and than she starts rubbing my boobs again. I obviously didn't want to be forceful with the little one but I kept pushing her hands away lol. At one point I looked over at J and he had the most awkward look on his face, which makes me die laughing just thinking about it. Finally her aunties call her back over and they apologized and were thankful I was so easy going.

Finally the family was on their way out the door when the girl made a quick pit stop for a final rub down. The grandma grabbed her arm and made he apologize to me and than they were gone.

Seriously, I am cursed with having weird/random things happen to me. If I didn't have proof or witnesses I swear people would think I was a psychotic weirdo liar. lol!! Maybe I should write a book, I could easily fill a couple hundred pages. I would call it "The Weird Shit That Happens To Me" very clever I know

P.S Going to a friends place to have a sushi making party tonight. Yummmm


  1. That's awesome and soooo weird at the same time! You are really laid back because I would have freaked out

  2. LOL! Hope you don't mind me following your blog:) I noticed you commented on a link of mine once:) Oh and on an interesting note, my sister's name is Jenna:)


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