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Saturday, April 21, 2012


We had the entire beach to ourselves

So J & I are going to be spending the summer here on Cape Breton Island with our little newborn!!! Yay for us, but sad for family and friends back home who won't get to see the little gaffer as often as they would like. But believe you me there will be pictures and videos galore and many many skype dates. Unfortunately our housing situation in Manitoba is a no go until at least fall. I can't wait for it to warm up so I can spend everyday lounging at the beach. Yes, I go for my beach walks everyday, but it's not warm enough to spend the entire day lounging there.

The other day it was pretty windy in my little village so I was going to just stick around here. I was bummed because I had it in my head I was going to go to my fave beach. I thought screw it, I will just bundle up and give it a go. I drove the 40 minute drive and when I got there I was pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous it was out. I stripped down and spent a good 5 hours playing with my dogs and relaxing. I kept imagining J, our newborn, and the dogs living in our own little utopia.

It's crazy what a curve ball life has taken me on. I am totally loving the ride. But seriously, me, Jenna, a housewife and soon to be mom loving life in the middle of nowhere. Who woulda thunk it? Not me!!

Here are some pics of my fab day with my doggies. I ended up coming home to a crab feast. My neighbours caught and cooked me up some fresh crab legs and boy oh boy were they delish! Wish J was here to have enjoyed them with me.
A Piping Plover

haha yep, they have the WORST lives

The gulls just chillin' on a sandbar


  1. Gorgeous. The pups look like theyre having a great time!

  2. What a beautiful, peaceful beach! Makes me look forward to my upcoming vacation ;)

  3. Those pictures look like a postcard! Gorgeous!


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