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Monday, April 9, 2012

25 Weeks

Technically I am closer to 26 weeks but I seem to always do my posts mid week :p

Size- Baby weighs  approx the same size as a rutabaga, 1 1/2lbs & is 13 1/2 inches long.

Symptoms- Stuffy nose in the mornings, occasional nose bleeds. My dreams are still so vivid and crazy, sometimes good crazy and sometimes just crazy crazy.

Movement: J got to see the baby move all week long and he thinks that's the neatest thing. The babe loves to dance all of the time just like me :). Whenever the babe is doing a full on swing I try to get J to catch it but baby LOVES to be stubborn and stop moving as soon as J puts his hand on my belly. J has felt the teeny tiny movements but not the full on kicks yet.

Stretch Marks- None yet. Just very itchy and applying Bio-Oil constantly.

Mood- Happy :D

Belly Button- My belly button is HUGE. I always had a a tiny slit for a button and now its a gaping hole. I definitely won't have an outtie as my belly button is so deep. The hole wear my piercing was looks really big and gross too.

Maternity Clothes- I am wearing leggings most of the time, they are a life saver. I have one pair of maternity jeans that I wear on occasion. I put on a t-shirt the other day and I can definitely say I can't sport a size small any longer. I looked like Homer Simpson. My belly kept poking out of the bottom. Hilarious but not very attractive lol.

Sleep- I still sleep throughout the whole night without having to get up for a pee! Impressive? I think so. When I wake in the morning my back is always aching though. This is a constant ache, but I find it to be worse in the mornings.

A few of you have asked if we know what we are having. We don't. We both have our ideas but there has been no official confirmation of the gender. We will have the good old fashioned surprise. It's killing me though, because I want to know for sure so I can go crazy buying things. Everything is so gender orientated which makes shopping a little bit harder. 

I am ready for my boobs to stop growing. They are seriously becoming ridiculous and make me feel even more fat! I am dreading when the milk comes in because I just know they will be bigger than massive.

Other than hating my boobs, I am still loving being pregnant :) I am thinking more and more about what this sweet little babe is going to look like and what kind of character is growing in there. Oooooh I can't wait to meet this little babe!!


  1. So cute! I admire you for waiting for the surprise! :) What an exciting moment that will be!

  2. You look great!

    Wow! You're waiting? I admire those who have such strong wills ..I would go crazy wondering, hehe.

    And so cute the hubs saw baby moving ... I am sure that was an incredible feeling for him :)

  3. You look FANTASTIC!!! When I do eventually get pregnant, I don't want to find out what it is either. My mom had 4 kids-me being the oldest-and didn't find out on ANY of them! Not many people can say that!

  4. almost to third trimester, yay, that's exciting!! you look great, girly! and i've been doing the same thing, catching baby with her dance moves... i can just lay there and watch my belly change shapes. so much entertainment!

  5. HI! i just found you through your comment on Cup of Jo because i LOVED what you wrote there about being happy and positive about pregnancy, and how some people try for so long or cannot get pregnant. i was one of those :) we tried for six years (!!!!) and finally got pregnant naturally in october. i am 26 weeks along, so right on schedule with you, which i always love to discover. your joy shines through your post and i am feeling just like you: happy, happy happy!

    we did find out the sex of our baby, it's a girl, and i couldn't be more thrilled. i always thought i'd wait but the surprise of being pregnant was enough for me. she is moving inside me as i type this and it is the BEST FEELING EVER! i sometimes wonder if something is wrong because she doesn't move as much as i expect based on what other people or bloggers write about 26 weeks, but then i have a day like today with lots of little movements, some subtle, some big and pokey, and i feel so happy. this child is growing right along alright!

    congrats to you and i am going to check out more of your blog now. nice to "meet" you!

  6. ahhh you look so adorable! i hear you with the belly button piercing-so weird! and at least you have boobs! i keep wondering how i'm supposed to feed this child with these little middle schooler breasts :) glad to see you're doing well though, you look soooo happy!

  7. How awesome!! I don't think I could wait to find out what I was having-- I'd be finding out at the soonest possible date ;) Glad you are still feeling great and loving being pregnant!

  8. My guess is a GIRL! Just sayin'! =) xoxo A-


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