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Saturday, April 28, 2012

28 Weeks

Vicki & I

I can't even believe I am in my third trimester already!!

Size: Baby is in equal weight to a chinese cabbage, about 2 1/4lbs and is approx 15 inches long.

Symptoms: I find I am getting tired more quickly, bed time is getting earlier and earlier again. I still have lots of energy as long as I have at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night. That is the one thing I am not looking forward to giving up :p.

Movement: Baby loves to wake me. Sometimes the movements will be so strong I actually am startled when I wake. It's the creepiest thing to watch your belly move like a wave! Sometimes the baby will stick what I think is its butt right out. My belly will get really huge and hard in one spot and than it will give me nice little rib poke with its feet.

Maternity Clothes: Still mostly living in leggings. Bought a couple of new sundresses that I can't wait to wear . Commmeeee onnn summer!!

Sleep: I haven't had to to get up to pee at all this week, what the? The only thing that wakes me now is the baby moving around. I started sleeping with a pillow and my back and hips feel much better, thanks for the recommendation friends :D

J & I finally bought a car seat and crib. We haven't started the nursery at all. J is back this week so I think we will give the room a nice new fresh coat of paint and start organizing. We don't have much stuff to fill it with and last week I kind of had a panic attack about how ill prepared we are. Everything will come together soon enough (I hope)


  1. You look great!! I've heard maternity leggings are the way to go-- all my preggo friends swear by them! :)

    Do you know what your nursery plans are? Colors, decor etc?

  2. It is totally normal to feel like you are not prepared at all! I felt the exact same way about the same time as you and now that I'm 36 weeks it's like ok, he has a carseat (we can come home from the hospital), we have some diapers, a place to sleep, and some clothes. That is really all you NEED. The rest is just nice :)

    You look fabulous btw!

  3. You look amazing lady...and yahh for leggings!!

  4. oh my goodness, aren't you just the cutest little pregnant lady??!


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