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Monday, March 5, 2012

One Step Closer

20 Weeks

We went to our ultrasound Friday and got to have a little peek of our sweet babe. Baby was dancing around like crazy so the tech was having a hard time getting clear shots. She snapped a cute one of the babe opening and closing the mouth. We both were totally amazed that we had created something so special together and at the same time a little weirded out that I grew a nose, eyeballs, bones, brain etc inside my body. Life is such an amazing/crazy thing. I'll show you a couple of the cute ones, some of them were just plain scary as our babe looked like an alien ghost thing. Oh and the tech gave us an awesome picture of both of the legs but after dissecting it for hours I have a pretty good idea of what we are having!! I will keep that to myself until the babe is born :D

Baby singing songs

Baby rubbing eye

OOOOOoooh I can't wait to hold those teeny hands
 We had such a great day Friday. Got to see pictures of our baby, went for sushi, dragged J to The Vow (he loved it), and then went grocery shopping. Ahhh it's nice to be together. I missed having my partner in crime. However I ruined the day of course and blamed it all on J. It's my hormones I promise. J pointed out a kitten running around the busy grocery store parking lot right beside a busy road and I screamed "we need to pick it up!!!!" J then tried to explain how many stray cats there are and I burst into tears and told him he ruined my day. I screamed "WHY WOULD YOU POINT THAT OUT TO ME!?!?!" The crying definitely lasted a good half hour and I pouted the entire hour and a half drive home. Woooops!!!! We can now laugh about it, but I am sure that kitten lived with it's family behind the grocery store, that's what I have convinced myself to believe. :)

Back to baby, I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU. Your daddy and I love you so much already. Back when I was 11 weeks pregnant your dad kept playing a thousand years by Christina Perri over and over and over again. I thought he really loved the new Twilight movie a little too much. He had memorized the words and would dance in the kitchen nightly to this song. He in fact was thinking of you!!! Yep, you are going to be adored xoxo


  1. Such a sweet post!! Happy half way mark! :)

  2. Half way there, so exciting! I remember the first time we got our ultrasound, it was a surreal feeling. Then you start feeling the baby movements and it makes it even more real!


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