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Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am soooo happy J is back for a couple of weeks for way too many reasons. I will name just a few...

- I love him and love spending time with him
- He keeps me warm at night. That sounds totally cheezy and ridic  but seriously. Our upstairs is so cold at night and that extra body heat does wonders.
- I don't have to shovel.
- He lets out the dogs every morning while I stay cozy in bed.
- I don't have to cook every night. Cooking for one tends to get boring.
- He is a clean freak. So my house is always spotless when he's home :)
- We have so much fun together and I get to laugh with someone other than just at my self. He is also a big clutz so it's funny to watch him fall and run into things all day. I'm sick like that.
- He gets to come to the ultra sound tomorrow!! He hasn't heard the babies heartbeat yet so this will be extra special.
- I get to smooch him everyday
- When the fire alarm spontaneously likes to go off in the middle of the night, I won't be the only one running around in a frenzy.
- He takes out the trash

Yep, I am one lucky lady!!!

This rant stemmed from the other night when I was alone. Maple's leash got stuck around our outdoor fireplace. She kept barking and barking at something in the woods. So I went out to go and get her but was scared out of my mind when I too hear the rustling in the bushes. I was thinking either Moose or Coyotes. But the more worked up Maple got, the more the upset the animal in the bush got. Keep in mind it's pitch black out as I live in the woods. The animal that I can't see starts grunting like a bull, so I know this is a moose. I must go on a mission and run to my dog and quickly untangle her and run back to the house with her in tow, pregnant, with snow up to my knees. Ohhhhhh the life and times of hill billy Jenna :p The mission was a success. The moose only bluff charged us and Maple and I came out of it bruise/death free. Winning!!

When I got up in the morning to let the dogs out the silly moose was sleeping in our backyard. I snapped some pictures and her looks are deceiving. This animal was disguised as a beautiful angelic creature in the daylight but turns demonic at night, I swear.

Look at that dirty look!!


  1. Wow, I can't say I've ever had a moose in my front yard! Glad you escaped unscathed!

  2. that is so awesome!!! hahaha i love it!!!

    i love your blog!

  3. You are a lucky lady!! how funny to find a moose like that. that would never happen in so cal lol


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