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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Another beach post, sorrryyy, well not really. These photos are from two days ago at the beach in front of our house. The weather was just above 0 and the dogs, J & I were loving it!! There are so many moose around lately because its easier for them to get around in the flats. We always leave our dog off leash at the beach this time of year as we are always the only ones on the beach. Seriously, where does everyone in our town hangout? Probably only an eighth of the town works this time of year. I NEED the beach daily. This time there was a young bull moose hanging out in the woods just off the sand. Our silly dog Maple loves to tease moose and I am nervous one day she is going to get a boot. You can't get her away from the moose, she gets in this crazy state and loves to just bark and annoy the crap out of the poor animal. Thankfully this bull was so young and so calm because Mapes was being extra annoying. We learned if we just run away Maple will chase after us. It was a good learning experience.

Hey guys, hurry up!!!

We got her back on leash and walked her back to the moose to try and get her used to him

Big cutie

This one kind of reminds me of Eeyore
Hey there handsome

Lil's fave past time


  1. Your pups are super cute!! And WOW about the moose! Crazy!

  2. How cool, a moose! It does kinda look like Eeyore there! hehe


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