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Monday, March 12, 2012

Relaxed At 21 Weeks

J & I had the best day, the day before he left. The moment we stepped outside the warm air instantly blanketed us and we didn't waste anytime to pack our beach bag and walk down the road to the ocean. We didn't have to walk to far to find a perfect patch of sand for us to park our bums on. I loved cuddling J and my puppies ALL DAY LONG. <3

Playing fetch

Beautiful eagle soaring past

He was patiently waiting for his beer to cool. There should be a little patch of snow all year round for this reason :p

Finally, COLD!

I am now 21 weeks, and in a couple of days I will be 22 weeks. Time is truly flying by!! I am still loving being pregnant and still loving my ridiculous ever changing body, it's soooo funny to me. I am getting some stretch marks on my hips which I knew was inevitable as I have the thinnest skin ever. I am using Bio-Oil religiously but am well prepared for many more stretch marks. However, I am sick of these spider veins take over my entire bod.

 I am also loving feeling this babe move around more and more everyday. Baby loves to dance the most at lunch time. I can also feel a lot of movement at night when I am watching tv but that's probably because I am relaxed and sitting still.

This stage of pregnancy is probably the best because I am not huge but am visibly pregnant and I have the energy to do everything I did before.

Got my winter glow on :p

I love Lily posing!

Best way to spend the day. Note- we can never keep our blanket sand-free bc of our crazy dogs


  1. gorgeous pictures! what a fun day

  2. Looks like a beautiful spot!

    Congratulations on the baby bump - you're looking great for over half way!

    Sal x

  3. You're looking great! :) And your pups are adorable too! Glad to hear you're feeling good!

  4. oh my goodness those puppies... i'm in love

  5. Such wonderful pictures! Love those puppies and your maternity picks are so cute! xoxo A-

  6. ughhh I want to be where you are! what a gorgeous setting!

  7. i just love your pictures! the scene is just gorgeous! and i'm loving your baby bump! so, so cute!

  8. beautiful pictures! You look so happy and the place looks great :)
    Love Lois xxx

  9. Congrats on the baby on the way!! & your doggys are so cute!! Xo

  10. aww you are two weeks ahead of me! and don't you love the baby movements? mine has been a little bit of a late-nighter lately :)


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