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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Off The Grid in Goose Bay

J and I had an absolutely fantabulous weekend at Ski Tuonela. This place is truly a very special place. I had posted about it here last year. This year I opted to snow shoe up the mountain as the last time I spent half the time on my butt. Probably a safer option for me and the baby. This time we stayed over night with our friends Anne, Michee & Noah. Since I was a little nervous to ski around the hilly terrain I was FORCED to babysit Noah for a few hours :p. Omg, is he precious. The more I spend time with him the deeper I fall in love.

P.S I don' know if the humans or the dogs have more fun. It's seriously a dog heaven up there!!

J & Mapes

Snow Shoeing

For such a small dog, Lily is such a trooper

Our cute little greeters

Cute little family in front of our chalet

Hi Noah

The boys did the cooking and the cleaning. The light above the sink is the only source of light. We used candle light and oil lamps. There is no power anywhere else. The bring you a tub of water for drinking and washing. And you use an outhouse. It's off the grid. I couldn't help but think about how people managed back in the day!!

Slumber party!! You don't get a heck of a lot of sleep with 4 adults, 3 dogs and a baby in one room

Noah's makeshift crib
Breakfast with friends, the best kind

Chris (the owner) is clearly a dog lover, with two black labs himself. He plays his home made movies at night for the guests, which are comical and very interesting. His wife Annie and him have lead and continue to lead quite the extraordinary life. They sail all summer long and live at Tuonela in the winter. His most recent purchase is a glider where he enjoys to venture around Cape Breton. 


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  1. Noah is absolutely precious!!!


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