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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's the simple things

I am easily excitable, I find even more now that I live here. Like driving the hour and a half to get groceries makes me soooo thrilled. Who would have thought???!!! But tonight was extra special for me. My matron of honour sent me this picture. With the simple words "we are thinking of you". These are the times I wish I could jump on a plane and hug and kiss everyone sitting around that table. Ahhhh would that be sweet. In this picture is 2 of my greatest friends/bridesmaids and mother. Tonight they met up to discuss the shower and social they are putting on for me.As much as I LOVE being the center of attention the thought of a social and shower for me makes me ill!!!! I love the social/party scene when I am mixed in the bunch and can be as loud and goofy and obnoxious as I please. But when all the attention is directed on you and everyone is attending these parties for you I feel I have to put on a show and act all charming and delicate. Even though every single person attending knows who I really am, why do I feel I need to put on an act? I also feel like I am already asking to much of the girls/mom/bmaids. They  have to spend a tonne of cash as it is to fly over here for our wedding in September.

I know, I know I should be feeling blessed to be loved by such great people who want to do such things for me and my fiance. And I am!!!!! So I need to get over this guilt!!! Ugggghhhhh

Oh and the fiance had fun at the Lions meeting and was happy I forced him to go :) He is starting his first project with them Sat. He is helping build a shed. He also met a contact for me :o A guy who works for Community Living says I should throw in my resume :) Job??? YEs PLEASE!!!!!! I didn't even know there was any kind of organization like that around here. I am so thrilled!!!!!

Fiance and I did make it to our friends place to visit there newest family member Sprocket!! She is a living doll and one big sook as they would say here. She didn't want to play with Lily, rather just nest in your neck and give you sweet kisses. She will be best friends with Lil before we know it.

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