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Saturday, January 29, 2011


What an amazing day we had. I woke up and went directly to the front window to see what the weather was for cross country skiing. To my surprise there was this beautiful cow eating a tree in my neighbours yard :) What a beautiful start to the day!

Shortly after we packed our packs with our gear and food and off we went to St. Annes to cross country ski at Ski Tuonela. I had only ever cross country skied twice and both times were on flat trails. Not even a little hilly so it was quite easy for a beginner skier like myself to feel like a pro very quickly. MMMM today not so much!! I had thought I was in pretty decent shape as I run on the tread mill every day but man oh man was today an eye opener.

My heart was pounding out of my winter jacket, my back had beads of sweat trickling down to my feet, and my face was completely flushed. This was ten minutes in and we only had thirty more to go. At Ski Tuonela you bring your food and clothes on your back and ski 4 kms to get to the cabins. We went with friends who ski and volunteer at Ski Tuonela every other weekend. They were so very sweet and patient with us and even offered there dog to help carry my weight up the hill. As tired as I was I didn't want to break as I knew there was a hot fire stoked, tea, and chili waiting for me at the cabin. Great Motivation!!! After forty minutes of sweating my ass off while enjoying the beautiful scenery we made it to the top!!!! And wow was it well worth the ski up. The place is a winter wonderland, never have I ever felt the feeling that came across me when those beautiful cabins were in sight. The couple that run the place are so welcoming, well traveled, easy going, adorable, intelligent and funny. We went into a cabin to "dry out" by the fire and stuff our faces. We hung out there for the day and helped shovel around the cabins and do a couple of other odd jobs. In return we didn't have to pay for our ski rentals/day passes. J and I are hooked and are now going to help them out whenever needed as we love the place!! We are actually headed up there next weekend with a good friend of mine and the couple we were with today. We are going to spend the night this time, which I am very much looking forward too and can't wait to get on that trail again. Oh yeah I didn't mention getting back down. I fell at least 30 times as it is mostly down hill and its been ages since I snowplowed so it was quite entertaining. I am now very sore but wouldn't have it any other way!! Such a good time!!!

We finished our day downing a couple beers at a friends place. And now I am ready to hit the hay!!
Anouk! Collie/Husky/Jenna puller

Now this is my kinda skiing!!
Woo Hooo!!

A couple of the cabins

Chris and Michee (Annie in the window)

J and the beautiful scenery

yes, I am a stiff skier! Practice makes perfect :)

Anne and Anouk cruising


  1. Looks like you had fun that day! The scenery is beautiful!!!! Are you sore today???!???


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