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Monday, January 17, 2011

olive juice

One of my dirtiest secrets is I love to finish my day with one of these. Not every night as some evenings I prefer  a nice glass of red wine, or a cup of caramel tea. So let's say every third night to be safe. As I was sipping on my extra dirty vodka martini the other night I remembered this beautiful greek women. I met her about 6 years ago and she was one of those women who you just couldn't peel your eyes off of. She was so stunning, charming, and glamorous and yet so very down to earth. As we were chatting away she had mentioned her love of extra virgin olive oil. She loves to cook with it and basically cover herself head to toe with it. She said her whole family uses olive oil as their number one beautifying/moisturizing treatment. She was in her mid 40's and had the same amount of wrinkles I did as a young 20 year old.  I am sure a big part of it is amazing genes, and consistently lathering yourself up in sunscreen. I do have good genes but I love that sun tan way to much! Anyways, I have been trying out some of her beauty tips in the past couple of days. I have learned that olive oil makes an amazing lip moisturizer, hair conditioner, skin moisturizer, hand and foot soother, and is amazing in the bath with a drop of lavender. The one thing I did learn is only use a little dot of it for each treatment, the stuff is expensive and works just as well with a small amount. I googled olive oil today and found many other olive oil enthusiasts but here is a site that gives you some ideas for using olive oil as a moisturizer.
Beauty and olive oil 
I definitely put to much in my hair the other day and it made my hair very soft but also a little greasy. I now keep a tupperware container of it in my bathroom. J walked in the other day and thought I was really losing it because it looked like I peed in a container and left it on the bathroom counter top. He was like "uuuggghhhhh what is this"??? haha poor guy. Anyways I am now a pro olive oil. My face and lips especially love the stuff :) I am not going to use it all of the time as I am nervous about blocking pours but twice a week seems sufficient

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