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Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day?

 Silly String

The first 3 were taken off our back deck, the next 2 is down our road. They were calling for a severe snow storm up here for last night and today. School was shutdown and everything. It only snowed hard last night and today its all wet slushy mush. In MB school was shutdown if the windchill reached -45, which would happen a hand full of times throughout the year. Last night was 0 and today was plus 3!! Everyone was warning me about how terribly cold the winters are here, I personally have only felt cold once so far. That's also because it was a windy day and I was walking in between the ocean and a lake. I am loving these mild winters!!! I love playing in puddles and stomping on those ice bubbles. There is something so satisfying hearing and feeling that crunch beneath your boot.

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