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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tis' The Season

Willow went to go and get her photos taken with Santa which took a couple of hours (as to be expected).

 We waited and waited and waited for Santa and we were finally at the top of the list. Then Santa(s) shift was over had to get freshened up so we had to wait another half hour. Willow at this time was getting pretty impatient. So by the time she got to meet the "Jolly old St.Nick" she was pretty unimpressed. I think Santa had other things on his mind too because he did not want to be there. lol so this is the photo we got.

Willow and Santa the convict
After being at the mall for way too long we were happy to get home and visit with Willows Great Grandparents, Grandparents and her "Aunties & Uncle". Willow got very very spoiled by all of them. Seriously the amount of presents she received was insane. Soooo blessed to have so many people love and spoil my little babe.

J along with our best friends and I headed over to a pals house to enjoy a couple of cocktails.

After a couple of drinks we all moved on to our local watering hole. We continued to drink way too many beverages.

We all have the creepiest eyes

  After we danced to a couple of songs, laughed a whole bunch and told enough stories we went to another after party. For people without kiddos this would happen quite often. Well we don't go out to party to much so I was feeling way extra silly. We had so much fun and I felt like I did pre-Willow. Spending every single waking moment with Willow is the greatest thing on this earth but I enjoyed having a free night to let loose. Thanks to all who I blabbed to and a huge thank you to my momma for babysitting.


  1. That Santa picture is completely priceless! You're right, it was probably a new Santa ~ beginning of his shift ~ He so does not want to be there. I mean, that's the kind of picture that makes such a great story in later years, which is kind of why we go, right? I haven't belly laughed like that in a while. :)

    1. haha yessss! It will be so fun to look at Willow changing over the years and the ridiculous Santas!

  2. Okay I have soooo much catching up to do on your blog! I just wanted to first off say that the photo of Willow and santa is the most hilarious thing ever. i'm with brooke, above, that's a great story and total belly laugh. also, praises unending to willow for waiting so long. SUCH a good girl!!!

    i am still waiting for my first real night out. and i'll admit, i can't wait! i have a babe who won't take a bottle so even if i pump it's useless. so it might be a while cause if and when she wakes up in the night that is ALL she wants. sigh. someday. i used to be quite the party animal. now it's one glass of wine or one beer, tops. i miss drinking!!! haha, i sound like a lush, and i know the time will pass much too quickly and for now i am so in love with hanging out with my babe. i still haven't left her for more than 45 minutes, haha!

    1. ohhhh boy, it was fun! I can't imagine Willow not taking a bottle. Have you tried different nipples for the bottle? Soon our babes will be eating food food (SCARY) so it will provide you with the freedom to leave her for more than 45min. And then momma can go deep in the wine haha

  3. lovely photos ! Happy New Year!


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