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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

As a young girl I would get so excited for Christmas I would puke all night long on Christmas Eve. It was both a combination of eating way to many Christmas treats and the anticipation to see what Santa brought me. This year I didn't get sick but I was just as excited as my younger self to share Willow's first Christmas with our family. J & I are pretty lucky that both sides of our family get along so well and they all wanted to be part of the fun together. No splitting up our day between both sides of the family, just one big combined happy family. All 20 of us squished into our tiny, cozy home and watched Willow get spoiled. Holy smokes did that girl get a bunch of beautiful things. She is one lucky gal, and she doesn't even know it yet.

After Willow opened up all of her gifts the family headed on over to the resort they were all staying in. We had a reservation for dinner at the restaurant there. It was perfect, no preparation, cooking or cleaning. Just eating, drinking, and chatting. I am very good at all three of those :)

Here is the crew...

Cousin Miya

My momma and I

Auntie Sarah/ J's sis and Willow

J & Willow
J's parents/Willows Grandparents

Auntie/Cousin Rhianna (Bert's gf/ my cousin, we like to keep it in the family, Uncle Bert (J's bro) & Auntie Christana  (J's sis)

Auntie Houde & Uncle Gorgeous ( my Auntie & Uncle)

Grandpa, Grandma & Auntie Sarah

My parents/ Willows Grandparents
Great Grandparents/ my Grandparents

Uncle Tay/my bro & Auntie Ash

J & Tay


Uncle Matt/ J's Bro & Auntie Marian

We were definitely that obnoxious group taking waaaay too many photos.

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  1. What a perfect family gathering! No wonder willows so spoiled, look how dang cute she is! Happy new year to you all.


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