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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where The Buffalo Roam

EEEEEE after almost a month without the internet it's finally here!!! The ground will have to be dug up to keep us connected come Spring as we are the only year round residents on this side of the street. So for now hooking the computer up to my phone will have to do :)

My gang and I have only really spent just over two weeks in our new place. The holiday season is so busy for us in Manitoba. There is so much going on between parties, visits, and shopping that we have been spending a lot of our time at my parents house. When we got back a couple of nights ago after being gone for just under a week there was some suspicious looking prints making there way right up to our door. I have a feeling Timbit was teasing a wolf or a very large coyote. Needless to say J's job is to take the dogs out for their nightly pee no matter what after seeing that.

It's funny here, our new house is much closer to a big city and the nearest town is only a 5 minute drive away but I feel so much more isolated here than in Cape Breton. Right now the town is closed until summer so I know it will be a different feeling come then. I have only heard amazing things about the summertime here. It will be also be better when we meet more friends. Thank god J is on parental leave until April because I think I would be going crazy right about now. I get very home sick for Cape Breton when we are not visiting our families or friends. I have found myself crying for the ocean a couple of times. As long as we are outside doing fun activities as a family I seem to forget my need for the salty sea. Ughhh that darn ocean has such a pull.

Yesterday we took a drive down the road to check out some bison. And what a sweet surprise, the bison had CALVES!!! I know way too exciting. Animals excite me beyond belief but BABY ANIMALS?!?! Come onnnnnnn!!!

Hungry little nursing babe <3 The bison on the right hand side is eating too. They always have snowy heads as they bury their huge faces in the snow to get to the grass underneath. So cute!

I was nervous about one of them charging the car. This one sure gave me a stare down for a good while

Some would say it was rather stupid of us to be traveling down these paths with our little car. But we looked at it as an adventure. No cell service, wild animals among us, freezing temps and and a baby. Ok maybe it was stupid, and we realized this half way in and turned around. But we didn't get stuck and we had lots and lots of fun.
 It definitely wouldn't be a proper family adventure without spotting a Moose

If you look closely you can spot a coyote or a wolf


  1. These ars all very beautiful! What state do you live in?

  2. Whoa what stunning photos! Jimney Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh wow! what amazing snap shots. i went to south dakota last year and stumbled across some calves. they seemed so playful! If only i could say the same about the momma ... :) xojacqlyn

    1. the moms always had a very watchful eye on us!

  4. These photos are beautiful. I love the ones with the bison. The little calves are adorable.


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