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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear Willow (5 Months)

Dear Willow,

I am so sorry I didn't get a chance to write you a four month post. In these past couple of months you have seen and accomplished so much! We moved half way across Canada from where you and your daddy were born to where your mama was born. It took awhile for you to adjust to the move, it was pretty chaotic but we are now fully settled into our new home. Well, maybe settled isn't a good word as we drive to your grandparents house every weekend. As the holidays approach we are very busy visiting with all of our families and friends. Speaking of friends you have met a lot of new ones! You are very likeable and people just want to be in your presence, can't blame them really.

We are having so much fun watching you grow. It's pretty amazing watching someone so pure and innocent explore everything for the first time. Daddy still has 3 1/2 months of parental leave so he gets to enjoy every single second with you! We are pretty lucky.

This month we get to celebrate your first Christmas!!! EEEE!!! Christmas seems to be even more special when there are little ones around to spoil. Come on Aunties and Uncles, we want some cousins to share your toys with ;)

At 5 months....

 - You have the biggest, most beautiful smile in the world. You always put your tongue at the roof of your mouth and smile with your whole face. It's totally contagious.

- Your laugh is hilarious. It might alarm some as it sounds like you are choking.

- You are extremely ticklish just like your daddy. You are most ticklish under your arms and underneath your chins.

- You love being on your back. You flail those arms and legs like nobody's business.

- You definitely have a daily routine. You wake at 9:30, daddy changes your bum and brings you into the living room to play with your toys on either your exersaucer or princess bed. Nap at 11:30 for a half hour to an hour and than play play play. You go for another nap at 3:30 and sleep for 3 hours. Than play play play. Your evening routine varies. You usually don't go down until 10:30pm, sometimes you want to just cuddle on the couch until midnight. And then bedtime! You wake twice for food, usually at 3:30am and 7am.

-For parents who said they weren't going to spoil you, you are sure spoiled. You run the show around these parts. You make up your own routine and we just work around it.

-You eat every fours hours, and are still exclusively breastfed. We tried to give you a banana rice snack but you don't like them much. Mama went out for a holiday party and daddy bought you back up formula but you would not drink it.

- You have 2 favorite toys, your donkey and some funny looking teething toy that Nate and B got you.

- You drool A LOT!!

- The next best thing to being in mama or daddies arms to fall asleep is definitely your swing.

- You are a huge fan of blankies and bring them right up to your face when you are about to fall asleep.

- We use the "stork bite" on your forehead to determine how tired you are. If you are really tired or upset it goes bright red. It kind of looks like you have unibrow.

- You wear 6 month shirts and onesies. 6-9 month pants.

-You wear size 3 diapers.

- At 4 1/2 months you weighed 15lbs 4ozs and were 29inches long.

- Bath time is definitely your fave. You LOVE being naked and splashing about.

- You are a very happy baby, you cry if you are hungry or over tired.

- you love looking at yourself in the mirror.

- You now roll over.

- You recently started playing shy.

- You are a back crawler. We have to be very careful now because you get around pretty quick on your back.

-You are kind of getting the hang of your jolly jumper.

- You tried baby yoga a couple of times which we really enjoyed and have had a couple of play dates

- You just found your feet and will not let them go. You find hands to be pretty interesting too.

- Lily and Maple make you laugh. Their barks are pretty funny. You like the feel of Timbits fur.

- You won't go to sleep without your soother unless you are in your mama's arms.

- You still can only handle three books in a row and than you are over it. They have to have lots of bright pictures!

- Glama & Pop Pop find the best way to get you to stop fussing is the tv. Bad habits already lol

- You are the best little traveler.

Willows little friends. Youngest to oldest

Ahhh life is good

We love you to the moon and back little Willow xoxoxo

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  1. she is just a bundle of pure perfection. lucy is soooo similar in her likes and dislikes, loves being on her back, looking in the mirror, being naked, petting her cats, and starting to be shy. very happy baby who really only cries if she is hungry or tired, always very easy to soothe.

    29 inches, wow!!! lucy just got measured at five months and was 26 1/2 inches and they said that was the 95th percentile, willow must be off the charts! lucy weighed 16 pounds 10 ounces so looks like i have a pretty big babe on my hands. love following our girls'progress!


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