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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We are going through the not so fun phase of teething. She wakes up just screaming from pain and I feel so bad for my poor girl. One minute she is her normal over the top happy self and the next she is in misery. Poor little thing.

Little princess
This picture makes me laugh. Is that mean?

We are all looking forward to this phase to be over with but it's just the beginning! J & I have been extremely spoiled with such a happy little babe so to see her fuss at all makes us overwhelmed and sad for her.

Here's to happy gums this holiday season!!


  1. Oh teething...poor thing, but she is adorable! :)

  2. That picture just breaks my heart (and kinda makes me laugh too). Teething sucks. But maybe it will only be certain teeth. That's the way it was with my son. 6 of his current 8 teeth he had no problem getting. Only mild fusiness. But the other two...that made me contemplate not having any more children!!! Maybe it will be the same for you. Maybe these are just the bad ones and the rest won't hurt her as much!

  3. Aww...poor girl! We are starting the same phase :(

  4. Hahaha the last photo is funny! Your daughter will definitely laugh when she sees that photo when she grows up ;)

  5. that picture!!! i laugh so guiltily when my own girl looks like that! it's just too dang cute. poor little dearie, how do you know she's teething?


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