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Sunday, December 23, 2012

We Took A Little Road Trip To Saskatoon

Last weekend J, Willow and my sister in law Sarah went to Saskatoon to go and introduce Willow to her Great Grandma & Grandpa, Great Auntie & Uncle and cousins. I had a feeling my heart would melt when Willow first met her Great Grandpa Henry...

Willow & Great Grandpa Henry

And it did. He is so proud of his very first Great Grandchild. We went for dinner in his retirement home and he beamed with pride while holding her out for all to see. I think everyone in the room turned their heads to watch the glowing gramps with his sweet Great Grandbabe. We heard lots of ooohs and ahhhs and Willow got very many compliments about how cute and well behaved she is. So adorable.

After dinner we headed over to Willows Great Aunt & Uncles house. Willows little cousin Anna had been waiting for weeks to get to play with a real live baby!!

Willow and cousin Anna
Between Willows adoring cousins Jesse & Anna and her Great Grandpa Henry I don't think she was left alone for a second. She loved every second of it!

Willow, Cousin Anna, & Cousin Jesse

The next day we went for lunch at Great Grandpa's place and then made our way on over to Great Grandma's home. Great Grandma loved meeting her Great Grandchild too.

Great Grandma Cora, Daddy and Willow

Auntie Sarah and Willow

Great Grandpa Henry, Ginger, Auntie Sarah, Great Grandma Cora, Daddy & Willow

I turned to mush the moment Henry took Cora's hand and walked down the hallway with her. It is so nice to see such long lasting true love, it's pretty rare these days.

After a nice day with Great Grandma & Grandpa we went to Auntie Julie and Uncle D's house for some din. We then relaxed and filled our bellies with slurpees and pounds of candy. We digested while adoring Willow.

I love these moments (which happens often) when I look around and everyone is doting oh baby Willow. She is loved by so many

The Sunday we went back for lunch with Great Grandpa and then headed over to Great Grandmas to get as much visiting in as possible. Great Grandma was in such a great mood and played Willow her harmonica. 


We had such a fabulous weekend with the family and are very much looking forward to our next visit. I love that we have such a great family to make such warm memories with.


  1. Looks like a great weekend with family!!

  2. she is too cute!!! i love her expression in the photo with great grandpa henry, all quizzical and a tad sassy. what a radiant little being, no wonder everyone wants to shower her with adoration!


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