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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Matthys residence

Thursday night I arrived in Manitoba. I am back home for my best friends wedding. (J is also flying in next week so we can cram in some house hunting) As soon as I landed the glowing bride-to-be, Heidi picked me up from the airport. We were off to spend the weekend at her adorable hometown, 2 and a half hours away from Winnipeg. I had an amazing weekend with her whole famdamily. They are all so fun and easy to get a long with. The house she grew up in is so inviting and cozy. Her mom is a total Martha Stewart and every little thing had it's perfect little place. We got to decorate it with the thousands of Christmas crafts her mother beautifully hand-crafted. Ugh and her cooking was not helping out the enlarged waistline situation. That woman can COOK! Everthing was just so perfect :) Oh and then Sunday was the community wedding shower at the mini  United Church in town. You can totally tell this is a big outing for the ladies in the community. It was adorable, and Heidi scored some sawwweeeet gifts. What a great first weekend back in Manitoba :)
Busting out some Christmas tunes

Cheeky little elf

Work it little momma

What a gem of a photo. We made a sweet bell choir

The perfect tree

Women porn

My sweet new friend "Tiny"

The blushing bride

Heidi had to eat a piece of gum for every question she got wrong about Mark. She only got 3-4 wrong, pretty impressive!

The beautiful hat I made


It was Marks parents anniversary the day of the shower. Love this picture

Cream puff cake

Crazy sisters

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