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Monday, December 12, 2011


When my photographer asked us what kind of wedding I was planning I quickly responded with "An outdoor wedding, with stunning views. I want it to be romantic,charming, fun, and to be a total gongshow." I got exactly what I wanted. This is exactly what it was.

I had talked about being Iced here, but here are the shots our photographer captured during the dinner.
J's mom gets iced

ohhhh NOOOOO

So mean

My mom get's iced

lol it looks like I am pulling his hair. I was shocked at how hard she was pounding it

Aiden is just too into his cupcake. So cute!!


  1. I seriously love this! So much fun! :)

  2. I think we need to be friends! This is so great!! There is just something about icing that is so much fun!!! :)

  3. How fun!! You are too cute! The little boy & his cupcake? Yeah, I could just eat both of them up! Too cute!

  4. that is so awesome! what a fun and lively wedding!


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