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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Take two

One of my favourite sites for a good laugh is You need to check it out. But first, in honour of my wedding (in 110 days :D) here are a few of my favourite wedding pictures gone hilariously wrong.


  1. This seriously just made my day!!

  2. hahhaa i love these! Esp. the one of the girls in the water! crazy!

  3. Oh my goodness these are hilarious!

    How exciting you don't have very much longer left until you're a married woman! :)

  4. i forget to check that site every once in a while. what are people thinking while they are posing for these stupid pics? HELLO.

  5. LOL wow these are crazy...and some really awkward poses!! Come over to my wedding blog for a bridal bracelet giveaway, its up till monday!

    Good luck! <3


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