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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This past weekend marked the two year anniversary I met schmeagle and his puppet master Stan. I promise you only the weirdest things happen to me. I have about 50 stories that can prove this! Here is one of them.

Every year Winnipeg has this magnificent weekend set out to try different kinds of wines. They like to call it the Winnipeg Wine Festival, the proceeds help Special Olympics Manitoba... which you all know I hold close to my heart. It's just an all around beautiful thing really. I don't have all that much wine knowledge per se, but I sure do like to drink it!

My two girlfriends and I were so pumped to attend the 2009 wine fest. We got all dolled up and couldn't wait to sample as many wines as we humanly could. Who actually spits wine out, really? Not us, that's for sure. After visiting 10 booths, we are starting to feel good. The wine connoisseurs didn't make any sense to us as we can't smell any nuts, or oak, or taste any smoke. It just tastes like "sweet berry wine"! We developed these hoity toity accents and just giggled like school girls the whole time. Embarrassing, but fun! Needless to say we were more then a little buzzed. Thankfully the booths started to close down and we decided the bar would be the next best thing. My one girlfriend had a birthday party to attend too so she called a cab and off she went. As Amanda and I were waiting outside the convention center for her boyfriend to pick us up, I ran into a coworker and his cousin. We were outside chatting away and they decided it was a good idea to join us in our next adventure. This man comes up and interrupts us asking if we needed a lift. He was by himself and was dressed quite sharply. We all thought he was affiliated with the wine fest. Amanda called her boyfriend back and said we didn't need a ride as this lovely man was offering us a free ride in his limo. Sweet! So off the four of us went following the limo driver Stan. After walking blocks and blocks in downtown Winnipeg I started to get that gut feeling that something is not right. We should have asked for his card. If he has a limo why didn't he offer to pick us up from the front? Ah well we love free limos!! One of us asked Stan how much further we had to walk and where was this limo, he replied with "just up here". A block later we approach this s.u.v, hmmmmm. "Umm Stan, where is the limo"? Stan, "Oh, this is my limo, this is it!" We all awkwardly get in, which is soooo ridiculously stupid!!! Amanda rapidly starts texting her boyfriend to come and meet us. While she is doing that Stan pulls out his buddy Schmeagle. Who looks a lot like this....
  Stan stays "Schmeagle really wanted to meet you" with sock puppet on hand. Schmeagle said a few hi's and we started hysterically laughing. Is this guy for real? Yes, yes he was. Amanda and I bolt out the car ( we should have never been in) and rudely ditch my coworker as there is not enough room in her boyfriends car. Those guys didn't even get out, they caught a ride with Stan and Schmeagle. After we arrive at the bar we see my friends shortly after. I quickly asked if they lost Stan and they said he couldn't get in. We all start laughing and couldn't believe that had just happened. All of the sudden Stan shows up... he got in VIP. He spots us and whispers screams in my ear "Schmeagle misses you". I had to capture footage of the infamous Stan to put a picture to his face when I told this ridiculous story.

We hid from him for the rest of the night after these pictures. We even switched bars. Needless to say nothing will ever top the randomness of Wine Fest 2009. Well I do have a story from when I lived in Hawaii but we will save that for another day.

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