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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy hunting

Have any of you heard of geocaching? People are so hard core into it, it's unbelievable. They have their own little geocache community. It's basically one big game of treasure hunt. You use a gps and find the appropriate coordinate for your area and go hunting! Most cache boxes have some little souvnier in them so be sure to bring something to replace the treasure you take.

 The first one I ever found was when I was living in Parksville, BC during my stint with Katimavik eight years ago. We found I believe two cache boxes. I don't recall what was in them but we did take something and put a Katimavik pin in replace. You are supposed to also sign the log book, which is pretty cool. People from all over the world are into this, and some will go on special trips just to go cacheing. The first geocache box was actually in Nova Scotia, 30 minutes outside of Halifax.

You are probably wondering why the sudden interest in geocaching. Well, part of my job includes teaching/helping people geocache. I just retaught myself how to do it this week. I have found 4 out of 5, I better find the fifth one before I attempt helping people. Our boxes don't contain any treasures as we are located on a provincial park, we have just little pieces of information about the location inside each box. Not as exciting, but as dorky as this is, it's so exciting finding that little box.

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