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Friday, May 13, 2011


We finally got around to hiking Franey! I was always recommending Franey to guests even though I was just going from hear-say. Now I can say it first hand, it is well worth every short breath. The view at the top is absolutely phenomenal, I am sure in the summer and fall the views are extraordinary. There wasn't much green but still breath taking. It was quite windy the day we went up so we didn't get to spend much time up there as I would like to have. It would be so nice to bring a book up and just take it all in. The hike takes about 3 hours roundtrip, give or take. We didn't stay up top for all that long but we did take time to sign our names in the guest book which resides in a fly infested shack. We also went to a lake on the way down which I forget the name of. Again, I would love to hang around that in the summer as well. I will definitely be up there again, sometime soon.

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  1. haha! Just saw the title of the next post: we have crabs!
    Thanks for stopping by my place!
    I am loving your pictures! I'm all about the pictures, it allows me to be a voyeur, but in a totally ok sort of way. The dog is beautiful!


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