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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We spent J's 27th birthday in Petit Etang. It was actually a house warming which we incorporated Jon's birthday celebration in there. They have such a beautiful spot. Everywhere you look has stunning views of the mountains. They own a couple of acres which backs on to this more then stunning beach. While enjoying all of the sights we stuffed our faces with lobster, mussels, potato salad, and salad. For dessert we enjoyed Jon's birthday cake, Thank You Bob and Lorraine!

That night we passed hundreds of runners/spectatators who were participating in the Cabot Trail Relay which I really want to train for. Most legs are 17km and up hills and mountains, so I better start training now!  

Setting up for our delicious feast!
J is loving it!

The morning of J got his Birthday humps and his new guitar!

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