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Thursday, January 19, 2012

We love babies

I had such a great day yesterday and would love to share it with you!

It started off with a yummy blueberry pancake breakfast at my gf Catherine's house. Then we were off to the "big" city of Sydney to go to my Dr. appointment. It was +8C so that helped brighten our day.

This appointment I was really anxious for because I was hoping to hear my babies heartbeat for the first time!!! I was a little sad J couldn't be there with me but happy my friend Cat came for support and company :) The Dr. was feeling around with the doppler for a couple of minutes and being a concerned pregnant lady I was watching every single movement. She shook her head a couple of times and immediately I said "what? what? What's wrong?!" I was in panic mode. She said "If we can't find the heartbeat today, we will send you off for an early ultrasound. But we will keep looking for this stubborn babies heartbeat" After a couple minutes longer she moves the doppler closer to my bellybutton and finds it!!!! Ahhhhh the sound of relief, joy, excitement, LIFE, MY BABIES HEARTBEAT!!! What a special gift to have something so special growing inside of me. I can't wait for J to hear it. Now I am counting down the days until the ultrasound. I can only imagine how exciting that will be.

We had a forty minute time slot before quiet time to go visit Anne, Michee, and baby Noah at the hospital. So we raced over there and I was able to me the most amazing little man. Ugh I love him so much. They had a very healthy 7lb 8oz beautiful baby boy named Noah. It was so precious to hear & see how proud they are. They shared the moment of when they first met him and I can't wait to experience that for myself. All is well with them and they are hopefully coming home today. I can't wait to kiss and snuggle him some more.
Handsome little dude

Showing off his chest

Cat & I were starved and I was shocked to find out she had never had sushi. So we sped on over to the one and only sushi joint in Cape Breton, Oka Maki. They don't have a big menu but J and I go there every second time we venture into Sydney. We have found many rolls we love, I was excited to share the cooked ones with Catherine. She did pretty good with the chopsticks :p


  1. YUMMY SUSHI! And an adorable baby!! So cute :)

  2. so sweet! i think i must have missed the blog post of you being preggo?? or maybe not. but not sure. Congrats! SO exciting! i can imagine how awesome it must have felt to feel the heart beat!

    Noah is adorable and this post is making me crave sushi! I think I deserve it this weekend, hehe.

  3. yay for hearing babes heartbeat!!

  4. love your blog!!!

    your newest follower:)


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