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Monday, January 9, 2012


Two of my cousins share something soooo special with me!

I have talked about Rhianna and her amazing voice on here more than a few times. This post has nothing to do with her voice, as we definitely don't share the talented singing voice. I am WAY better! What we do share is a love for the Hopkins Hunks. During the wedding week we definitely teased my beautiful cousin and my handsome brother in law on numerous occasions about the fact that they should be dating. All of our hard work paid off!! As off last month, they officially started dating! Uhhhhm Sister Cousins? Yes, Please!!!

R & R, J & J at our Stag/ette party

 How fun is that?

Now, my other cousin Erin is expecting as well. We just found out our due dates are only two days apart!! How exciting would that be if we had our babes the same day?!


  1. how fun to be so close together! my friend liz & i are 5 weeks apart. she already has one daughter (our goddaughter, Bethany, who is 2) and i can't wait to bring more cuties into the mix! hope you're doing well, you look great!!

  2. that's so fun!! hope you have them on the same day...regardless though, they will be super close in age growing up!


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