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Thursday, October 20, 2011


The day before the wedding all of us were pretty exhausted after a day full of touring and a night filled with drinking. This was a perfect day to relax at the spa.

 The morning was incredible but I was the last one to get my mani/pedi so unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get ready for my rehearsal. I should have primped before hand because I literally jumped out of the shower and ran to meet the rest of the crew for our rehearsal.

The wedding rehearsal was totally surreal. Jon was so nervous and I was as calm as calm can be.

Our Rehearsal dinner was amazing. We went to the Ocean Room across the street and we had cocktails and hor d'oeuvres. It was nice to relax and mingle with our family and wedding party. 

After the dinner I was beyond exhausted. Jenna & exhaustion are NOT  a good mix, J knows this best. We had about 20 people trying to help decorate the hall and I was so over it. I am not good at decorating that is totally my moms forte, so I had everyone asking me where to put things and I just had hit my wall. I shut down and started complaining. UGH, so dreadful. The worst part was I nonchalantly said to my bridesmaids aka my life aka my bestfriends aka my rocks "oh, yeah, your presents are somewhere over there, go get them whenever". How rude is that? They are working their buns off to try and make me happy and make everything go smoothly and I was so ungrateful. Obviously, I was/am so beyond grateful for every single person helping. I am so luck to have the sweet people I have in my life. I just now know more than ever a tired, stressed, Jenna is not the Jenna I love. Ew!

Thank You everyone who helped me get everything ready. You are all incredible. xo

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