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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Strange as you are to me

It's one of those days where you got the shakes, you can't stand without getting dizzy, your nose aches it's so filled with boogs, and you're throat aches for more tea. I am making the best of it by listening to my favourite songs of the week and downing gallons of this weeks tea addiction.

Meet Mother's Little Helper from Davids Tea. As tasteless as my buds are I can still taste a bit of that peppermint. Everything about this tea begs to be enjoyed. The loose buds are beautiful and when you steep it, it turns into this beautiful rose colour. This tea is meant to be shared. Try it :)

As for music, I am currently obsessing over a couple tunes this week.
I have always loved Sia. This song makes me wish I had the energy to do my arm sway dance with a couple of heart pounds. I got the whiny face down perfect. Ugh just imagine a ballerina dancing to this, perfection.

Miike Snow always perks me up. I always have to shake my hips and do hand flicks to this song :)

Iron & Wine is always my go to. I love every single one of there songs. Currently lusting over In my Lady's house. It goes perfect with a woodstove, a stormy night, a glass of wine and your love.

And of course Paradise from the new Coldplay album. It's going to be overplayed soooo soon so I am enjoying it before I am totally sick of it. Para Para Paradise.. Brilliant

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