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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cross Country Skiing

By the end of this winter I will probably be a cross country ski PRO. J took me skiing for my first time here and I thought it was the hardest thing in life. I promise I am not being dramatic, going up hill on ski's for miles is serious work! So I was a little apprehensive to go skiing again. Uhhhm cross country skiing in the prairies is easy peasy. Well it's still a sweet work out and my body ached for days but it is so much easier for the beginner skier like myself. When we went skiing in Nova Scotia I spent the whole time pretty much on my ass but this time only 3 falls. I am going to become so good out here that I will shock Anne & Michee at Tuonela the next time we make it out there ;)

J & I had the most perfect "date" skiing while my inlaws looked after Willow. They even prepared us a delish ham casserole when we got back. Thanks again Grandma & Grandpa xoxo

We look pretty professional, don't we?

A well deserved break

Hey little friends

What a hunk of burning love

So graceful

Trying to get back on the path


  1. Ah, i've always wanted to go skiing. It looks like so much fun!!!


  2. Wow, looks like a tough workout but much better than being in a gym! I definitely would have fallen on my ass multiple times!


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