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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!!

As you get older don't you find New Year's Eve to be a tad over rated? Yes, sure I love getting all dolled up once in awhile. Yes, I love to have an excuse to drink to much champagne. Yes, I love the vibe at a huge party when the clock strikes 12. But I also love spending time with my loved ones rather than a bunch of strangers. This year we surprised J's parents at their house and had a mellow night chilling in the basement while sipping on some vino. I am shocked Willow made it past 12:00 because she was up allll night long the night before. When I say all night I mean she slept maybe, just maybe an hour. She has never had a night like that... ever. To be fair to poor Willow it was all my fault. We are just starting her on cereal and I fed her way too much so she probably had a sore tummy. Whoops.

I hope you all had fun bringing in the New Year! XOXOX



  1. She is such a doll! Happy New Year!

  2. Oh that dress is precious! She's so cute! Happy New Year! :)


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