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Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Visit Week 2

The house feels extra quiet these days. We had a week visiting with Jon's side of the family, had a weekend to ourselves and then my parents came out for a week. My feeling/emotions have become all funny living away from our family. I know I miss them but it doesn't consume my mind, but then when they are around you realize just how much you miss them in everyday life. The only thing I am looking forward to about moving back to Manitoba is watching Willow fall in love with our families and friends. She will be very loved by an amazing group of people. I write this and then I feel sad about leaving our close friends here :( Ohhh life. Ok ok I will get to the point of this post before I turn into a blabbering emotional wreck. We had a GREAT time with my parents. We visited The Fortress of Louisbourg, had some beach days, listened to some local music, and just kind of "hung out"... totally relaxing.

My silly camera is still out of commission so my mom took lots and lots of photos with her Iphone. Here are only a few, which are a lot :p.
Mom & Dad with Noah (7months) Willow (7 Weeks)

Proud Gramps

Cool guy

It wasn't the warmest beach day...
A warmer beach day. Glama and Willow

J showing off

My dads a gem lol

The Rock Princess Lily

Mom and Willow bonding over a couple bottles

J, Willow & I at the Fortress of Louisbourg

Watching an amazing thunderstorm with all of our fur babies

My pretty little babe

Check out those cheeks!

Check out those eyes!


The fam damily

Lily loves coffee and the cups they come in

Yep, my boobs looks like a bum

Maple watching over Willow

Impromptu dance party in her Cape Breton wear lol


  1. Your baby girl is beautiful. I love that name, Willow.

  2. Great pictures!!

    Willow is so beautiful!


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