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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Willow (2 Months)

Dear Willow,
2 Months? Are you kidding me? I can't believe it's already been two whole months but than it feels like I have know you forever... weird. We have grown so unbelievably close these past two months you are Daddy and Mama's EVERYTHING! You haven't been feeling to good this past week and have been extra sucky and snuggly. I don't really mind the cuddly part but I feel so helpless when you are not feeling well. I hope your cold disappears quickly!! Today we went for a nice long walk along the beach and it was absolutely gorgeous out. Than we spent the rest of the day snuggling.

At two months...
-You love the sound of the ocean. You fall asleep as soon as you hear it. I guess you are like your mama and are soothed by the waves and the salty air.
- You now like your swing, you fall asleep when we put the ocean sound on.
-  You love kicking and moving your arms. You are an active little thing and love using your legs to stand on me. When you are fully standing you stand with such pride. Such a strong and proud little thing you are
- You now smile at me and I know it's not just gas! Wow, do you ever melt my heart. I will be super tired from a late night nurse and you give me a little smirk and I die. ugggh you are perfection
- You have the most inquisitive eyes. I feel like you know more than I give you credit for
- After 8 weeks of using the nipple shield, just two days ago you finally started breastfeeding without it! Yay! You and I are nursing pros!! The first month was so trying and frustrating for us both, but now we both love it :)
- You stay awake for most of the day unless we go for a walk you are out.
- You have discovered my hair and love to pull it. You have a very strong grip and when I try to get my hair out of your hand you get frustrated
- You love morning dance parties with the whole fam
- You snuggle with daddy on the couch every night before bed. You both usually fall asleep together.
- You go to bed at midnight and wake between 3&4 and are starving. When you wake again at 6 you just have a tiny little snack and than sleep until 9 or 10.
- You love hearing me sing. Willow, you aren't going to love my voice forever. I have warned you :)
- You love playing pat-a-cake and the itsybitsy spider.

We love you to the moon & back Willow Rae xoxoxoxoox


  1. Jenna you are too cute! I love your Dear Willow letters :). Hope to see you three soon!

  2. Sweet adorable baby!! Can't believe its been two months already!

  3. How has it been 2 months already??? CRAZY!! Such a sweetie pie. :)

  4. Found your blog through a mutual blog friend. Love reading mom blogs!! My son is 8 1/2 months now but I remember 2 months like it was yesterday. I absolutely LOVE your daughter's name. And she's beautiful!

  5. oh man she is just darling!!! she kinda reminds me of my little girl, in fact so many of these things are just like my lucy, down to the nighttime hours (almost exact!) and kicking a lot and patty-cake. it is such an amazing time and yes, the smiles KILL ME!!! congrats to you guys, you are an adorable little family. isn't it so rad, you are doing beautifully mama!

  6. Oh wow two months already! Time sure flies! She is too adorable!


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