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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

Soooo..... you all are probably aware that my birthday is coming up right? Well I am sure you all have it marked down on your calendars or have some countdown going on yours phones as it's under a month away.

Living in the boondocks I have become the legging/yogapant/sweatpant matched with a plain tee queen. I put on jeans & a hoodie tonight and J sincerely said "wow, you dressed up tonight, you look nice". I laughed and said thanks but you realize I am just wearing jeans, we shared a good laugh. I often find myself dreaming of buying gorgeous little numbers I find on the internet. Damn you pinterest! I will find a cute outfit on pinterest and then scour the web to find a close match. So here is my little pretend wishlist for my Birthday. :)

Obviously a new canon lens. I would like to try a macro

I am not much of a makeup wearer but I do love lipgloss and lipstick.
Loving M.A.C'S Dazzleglass-rags to riches and Viva Glam Nicki Lip Glass and Lyche Luxe

I am soooo attracted to this skirt... come to me
Hey pretty little skirt from swell
I have been on the hunt for some gorgeous tall boots. I came across these beauts from Aldo. While on the prowl I found these adorbs moccasins....

Digging Shoemints Heather Boots too!

A pair of oxfords from Le Bunny Bleu would be nice...
Fall/Winter is well on its way so I need to start collecting some oversized knits...
Love this cardigan from Ruche

Prob need some sweater dresses while we are at it....
Adorableness from

I am absolutely in love with anything peplum. My hips definitely don't lie so this dress would be my perfect little black dress from Shopakira. Or anything peplum really
I love all blues & greens so this dress totally drew me in...
I want to vacation in you!! From She Inside

I need a classy fall/spring coat. I love the nude and black trench from Chic wish, whichever will do...

I am loving the peter pan neckline, I could def frolic in plenty fields in this sweet little number. The jumpsuit isn't frolic wear but I am sure I could find something to wear it to, as soon as I lose a bit more of this baby weight...

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