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Saturday, July 9, 2011

World's BEST

Why don't you go and and have a little peek at who made number three on the World's BEST Islands by Travel and Leisure!

So proud that J and I have been given the opportunity to live in such a gorgeous place. So I guess by making it to number 3 in the whole wide world, we are obviously number one in North America. Totally bragging but yes, we beat out Vancouver Island... Boom. I do love Vancouver, Denby, Hornby, & Salt Spring Islands though. I love the huge trees and the people (not that they are huge). My most favorite places on earth happen to be all Islands...

My Brother and Dad

Kaya & Jade <3

Vancouver Island
Mom & I
 Cape Breton Island

I would one day love to add a Greek Island in their as well :) Honeymoon perhaps??

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