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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bad Eggs

As "THE BIG DAY" nears, (55 days!) I find myself reflecting more then usual on my cRaZY past. Its funny how they say nothing really changes when you get married, but I look at it as a time to start fresh. Start that next chapter in life and forget all of the silly worries you had in that previous chapter. If you folks don't mind, my blog posts for the next while are going to be reminiscent of the past, so very random. So I am going to be flipping through those pages and preparing to close those chapters and move on to the next!! Well most of the Chapters are closed but I thought it would be fun to put them in writing.

So let's start with, I am so so so happy that I got the date the asshole phase out of my system while I was young and not be messing around with those types later in life. I would say living in Hawaii helped me get that out of my system. I was given the chance to date 3 "bad eggs" :p. Tell me, why is it that some us women love to date the bad asses. I suppose the we love games and theirs no better game to be played then "try to tame the bad guy". These guys weren't mean or abusive they just played the game well and drove me crazy!!! Attention all bad asses, you will finish last! Smart women will never settle for one of you, it's only just a game. So grow out of it.

I creepily you tubed my friends from the past and found some clips of them haha it felt really strange!

This fine young lad was my families bell boy in Kauai. He asked me to go for ice cream after my family and I got back for dinner and I excitedly said yes. I learned he was going to be moving to Oahu in the next couple of weeks, close to where I was living. He wouldn't tell me where, which I thought was weird but didn't think much else of it. We talked on the phone every night until he moved to Oahu. He would always get me to meet him in the school parking lot and we would go for walks from their (which was strange). I thought he just didn't want me to meet his friends yet... fine. Turns out he lived in the Volcom house with all of my fave surfers, he too was a professional surfer but didn't want me to know. CUTE! I could tell that he liked me but something was off. I guess he also liked a lot of other girls as I would hear stuff from his friends. This made me like him more.. ughhhh so dumb. We later ended things because after him ditching me 5 times I found out one night we had plans he had other plans... A maxim party at the house. Soooo that was the end of that.

We met when I was on vacation with my gf Katie. He walked past us the first day we got their and it was instant chemistry. I told her we needed to see him again. He ended up at the same restaurant that night and he came up and talked to us. We started seeing eachother. He came to Oahu to visit me, I went to Maui to visit him. He thought I liked one if his friends so he started ignoring me, which drove me nuts and making me like him more. After him being so hot and cold and even one night kicking me out of his place. I had to move on.

I met him at a party. I loved how the surfer/skateboarder guys wore those knee high socks. Totally dorky for anyone else but they could pull it off like no other. He would say the sweetest things to me EVER, but then I would hear that he would tell his friends I meant nothing to him and blah blah blah. He was also so rude towards my friends and even his friends but so wonderful to me. Uhhmm writing this down makes me embarrassed ha! We totally just played each other and it was really fun. I do know that he has a soft spot inside him and he puts on such an act. I ended up moving back to Manitoba without saying goodbye and haven't heard from him since. Hope your well!

I did get to hang out with so many amazing people in Hawaii. I cherish all of the memories we made. I will erase the guys above but never ever forget all of my Hawaiian Ohana xoxoxoxoxox

If Brian sees this he will be mad I didn't mention him!!!
 Brian was the very first guy I dated in Hawaii and the sweetest! He moved back to Connecticut and I stayedin Hawaii. The long distance thing wasn't working for us so we called it off. We still remain friends to this day :) xoxo

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