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Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am so annoyed with the company that made my invitations Grimes Designs. I will not be using them again. She was great at getting back to me and my invitations are sweet, but it took forever to recieve them. I ordered my them at the end of May, thinking tht would give me plenty of time to get them out for July. However, I did not recieve them until last week. The RSVP on them is Aug.1rst so most people only have a couple of days to reply. Thankfully I sent out save the dates, otherwise I would be SO MAD.  I had sent her a message at the beginning of July poilitely asking if my invitations were shipped and she said yes, however paypal the next day sent me a message saying my invitations had just been shipped. I guess she forgot about them, ugh accidents happen, but they are sooooo annoying.

My cake lady cancelled on me.

Two of my bridesmaids can't make it to the wedding, but a new fabulous one was added!!!

I had my first fitting today :D Holy smokes I love my dress. I can't wait for our wedding so I can dance, laugh, love, cry, kiss, sing, mingle, and hug. All of this stress will be worth it.


  1. hang in there lady! its a stressful time wedding planning but just hang on because it will be the best day of your life. Also remember,when it comes down to tiny details, you're the only one thats going to know if something gets forgotten or there isnt enough time to do! that was the best thing i was told because i was a basket case about stuff getting done lol.Happy Planning!

  2. I'm sorry dear! I've had my share of wedding woes too! Just remember how amazing it's going to be to marry that guy! Makes everything worth it!


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