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Monday, July 11, 2011

Older man

Don't you just love those butterflies waltzing around your tummy when something really exciting is about to happen? I just love to hate them. I am easily excitable so I get these feelings often. Nothing gets them going more then going on a date! First dates especially. Once in awhile you get those butterflies dancing and they are wasted. You get alll excited for nothing. They are wasted on a really bad date. :( All of your expectations crush them. Here is Part 1 of AWKWARD DATES

My first most awkward date ever was when my Grandparents took my brother and I to Celebrations Dinner Theatre. I knew I was going to be called up on stage because every single time I have went the actors always drag me up. Maybe they can sense my dire need of being the center of attention :p. Anyhow, one of the servers kept circling our table. He was dressed as a flamnenco dancer and was telling all of the guests and my grandparents that he was going to marry me. I thought it was all part of the act until he took me back stage and asked me on a date. I thought he was still in character and laughed at him. He brought me on stage and professed his undying love for me in a hilarious song. When we went back stage he told me he was serious about the date I blushed and agreed to go out with this red lipstick, tight pant wearing man.

A couple of days had passed and my flamenco dancer gave me call and we made plans to go to the movie that weekend. He drove the 45 minute drive to come pick me up my parents house and off we were to go to a movie- Pirates Of The Carribbean. Which I had already seen but was to shy to say so. PS I think movies are the worst idea for a first date because how can you get to know eachother staring awkwardly at the big screen, trying not to chew too loud at all of the quiet parts all the while wondering what the other person thinks of you and if their is a connection. POINTLESS. Luckily the next movie wasn't playing for a couple of hours. So we decided to go out for a bite to eat. Perfect! We get to chat more before sitting a couple of hours in silence. But, crap! He chose a pub and I'm only 17. Looking at him I knew he was a couple of years older I just didn't know how much older. We order some drinks and I pray they don't ask me for I.D. After some good conversation I casually mention that I'm leeeeeegally not allowed to be in there. He immediately starts to sweat, I ask  him his age first and he says he is 25 years old and is a highschool teacher. So I tell him my age and he flips "Why would your mother let me take you out, I could be your teacher! You are too young to date" Woops I guess we should have went over that before you picked me up? I proceed to tell him if he is uncomfortable he can take me back home. He declines and says we can continue on as friends. haha ok? So we get over the awkward part and end up sharing lots of laughs, that's until we go to the movie. I was wishing for awkward silence and quiet chews, but apparently movie theatres excite him? He starts blowing in my ear... ew, trying to feed me chocolates, kissing me on my hands and cheeks, telling me how gorgeous he thinks I am and all of this lovely stuff. After the longest movie ever he drives me back to my parents. On the way back he tells me how interested he is in me and he will call me when I'm 18, I quickly responded with a don't bother :) Awkward

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